Episode 2 – The Investing Bible, the Intelligent Investor

Episode 2 – The Greatest Book Ever Written on Investing

The Intelligent Investor book

In this week’s episode of the Alport Group Podcast we talk about Graham and Doddsville, Buffets fellow super-investors, a couple smart books to read and of course, I little bit on investing as well.


Running time: 12:38

In this episode:

  • What is Graham and Doddsville?
  • Ben Graham
  • David Dodd
  • What is the Intelligent Investor about?
  • “It’s not so much about intellect, it’s more so about temperament.” Warren Buffets thoughts on successful investors.
  • What’s the different between “investing” and “speculating”?
  • Why was the best book on investing written in 1949?
  • What effect will our instant access to information have on investing and the investment community?

About Steve Alport

Steve Alport is an industry veteran when it comes to wealth management. He's been in the industry for over 25 years and has seen bears and bulls all his life, following the fascinating ride that is the financial markets. Follow this blog where Steve shares his thoughts, research, opinions, and information that will make you look at the financial world differently. Enjoy.

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